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Hi, it’s Betty. On Saturday Cat and Jimmy took me and some of the other academy athletes on a bike ride. I love going on long bike rides it’s a time to talk to your friends and enjoy yourself.Some people are scared of going on the road. However having Cat in front and Jimmy behind is fine. We did about an hour of riding to the cafe stop and about an hour back. The cafe stop was great it gives you a break from riding and the cakes were so good. Although probably not the best “WholeHealth” choice.

Out on the road we learn road signals as Cat passes them back through the group. We also learn road safety for example, how to quickly go from riding in pairs to single file at a car comes down a narrow road or how to stop safely without crashing into the person in front or behind. I’ve learnt a lot on the rides that we do like this. I used to be quite nervous on the road but now I’m happy to go out on my own or with lots of other people. I also have a friend called Millie who I always ride with. At the start of these rides she would never go on the outside when cycling in pairs now she will happily go at the very front of the pack.
I’m really enjoying these rides and would recommend it to anybody. Cat is really helpful and makes the ride feel safe.

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