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Simon says…

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“I would like to thank Cat and the the WholeHealth team for our holiday in France.

The WholeHealth Team were extremely hospitable, allowing both Will and I to either participate in activities together as father and son, or individually going our separate ways to engage in groups for adults and children alike.”
“I would also say the food was fantastic, introducing us to tasty healthy meals.
This was a fabulous experience and one I would have no hesitation in participating in again.
Thank you!”


WholeHealth Getaways

14th February 2017

What do you DO on a WholeHealth Getaway?

 Watch the video to get a flavour!


Guided rides offered each day according to the wishes of the group, usually to a mid point where anyone who wasn’t on the ride would meet so we could all join up for lunch, provided either as a packed lunch by WholeHealth, or bought at a local restaurant.


All food provided by WholeHealth; a healthy buffet breakfast to set you up for the day, and a hearty, balanced evening meal to replenish the calories burned in the day!

Optional packed lunches available at a small extra cost (4-5 Euros per day)

Sample menu

Local routes planned for shorter or family rides to places of interest or fun for the kids-and of course a local hill climb challenge which riders can smash as may times as they like during the stay to try to get a PB and move up the leaderboard! 


We have chosen the area to combine rolling countryside with more challenging Pyreneean climbs. We’re within easy reach of epic climbs including the Tourmalet for those who want to push their limits and bag an iconic Col! The rest of the riding will be a heavenly mixture of some steady climbing, enjoyable descents and some flats.

The less extreme gradients mean that kids and less experienced or enthusiastic cyclists can also enjoy pleasant rides through the sunflower fields.

Everyone rides! Safe roads for kids rides


We swim at the local lake. As well as longer swims and triathlon swim training in the lake, there is also plenty of oportunity for jumping off pontoons, taking out pedalos and paddleboards, and eating ice creams!

The ever popular pedalos!



We are looking forward to an amazing summer, and would love to share it with you. Get in touch if you’d like to join us.

  • All the fun of training with a group, with your own space when you need it
  • Swimming pool on site to relax and play
  • Healthy, nutritious and hearty meals prepared, cooked and provided by WholeHealth, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • Day trips, play sessions and fun activities for children or all the family to enjoy together, including safe road riding supervised by qualified and experienced junior coaches
  • Plenty to do even if you’re NOT a cyclist/runner/swimmer; eg a day at the leisure lake for paddling and pedalos, trips to the market, sight-seeing or just relaxing
  • Cheap flights available NOW!** I hour transfers from Lourdes airport to the holiday for a small extra fee
  • Flexible arrival dates to suit your plans
  • We can transport your bike(s) in our support van to save the hassle and cost of flying them, or hire one when you arrive
  • A chance to meet and train with European triathletes through our friendship with the Lourdes Triathlon Club
  • MrWholeHealth in the support vehicle delivering nutrition, encouragement and emergency rescues as you tackle the climbs!
  • And of course guided cycle rides and run routes, lake swimming in stunning countryside in a mixture of rolling and challenging terrain suitable for ALL abilities to enjoy

**Flights can be booked, and transfers arranged from either Lourdes or Toulouse. 

Flights with EasyJet from Gatwick to Toulouse are currently under £100 return, and just a 45 min drive from the location.

We hope you’ll want to join us! Get in touch for more details, or if you have any questions.

 Stay healthy!


The WholeHealth Getaway 2018

We’re heading back to the stunning Pyrenees for our 2018 WholeHealth Getaway!

We’ll be based at the foothills of the mountains for two weeks from 11th-18th and 18th-25th August. Places are still available on Week One and Week Two to join our team of coaches and cooks for a guided and catered family Getaway. The activities will be catered to YOUR family, and all the cooking is taken care of so you can just relax.

We hope you’ll decide to join us!


Here’s what we did last summer:

Interested in how we designed the WholeHealth Getaway? Read on…

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WholeHealth is our way of inviting you to think about your health ‘holistically’

It may seem like a bit of a fluffy word, but the idea of looking after your WHOLE self is not a fluffy concept at all. It’s a practical way to look at taking care of yourself in a busy and stressful world. That’s why we named ourselves WholeHealth.

As WholeHealth #RealFood, is important to us, and now it’s time for the second ingredient in our WholeHealth recipe for health and happiness, #Fresh Air…


As well as healthy eating habits, you all know that we are also very much pro-exercise for EVERYONE. However, we don’t just believe this because we want to help you burn calories and maintain or lose weight or fat. We all know that regular activity can make us healthier, leaner and decrease our chances of getting sick.

We believe that there are multiple OTHER benefits to getting your body moving, and especially exercise that takes you out doors and into nature. It is well-documented the effect that getting into nature can have on well-being, both physical and mental. We would go so far as to say that as humans we have a need for nature.

 At WholeHealth, we meet this need by getting outdoors often. We love running and cycling in the Fresh Air, getting out and about using the power of our bodies and minds, pushing ourselves and achieving, and the feeling of strength that this gives us. Yes it makes us healthy, but for us, the path is the goal; the enjoyment of using your body for what it was intended, and for stretching its capabilities, challenging yourself, learning about yourself, and drawing parallels between your struggles in training and your struggles in life.

10460649_10153987513179664_9100103200187650169_oAs well as making you physically strong, training and overcoming will make you mentally strong, and you can train your mind along with your muscles.

 As winter creeps in, it’s harder to motivate ourselves to get outdoors, but fresh air all year round is important to help your body make that all-important vitamin D. It can be hard to get out of the door some days when we are cosy inside, but if a little Fresh Air each day is your goal,  you can do that every day. Of course, a side effect will be that you are moving your body each time you go out, and profiting from the benefits that brings too.

 We recommend a little fresh air every day. Just get out of the door. When you get outside, you may find you want to spend  little longer there. It’s addictive!

PS. We think we may have found the freshest air around…the location for our Summer Getaway in the Pyrenees is a farmhouse set in quiet, beautiful cycling countryside, surrounded by plenty of space for children to run and play safely, and amongst beautiful run trails and paths. Not to mention the nearby leisure lakes perfect for open water swimming. We’re inviting you to join us for a week (or two) of fresh air and real food cooked for you every day by WholeHealth. But we need YOU to provide the final ingredient-Good Company! 

If you are interested in joining us on holiday, please get in touch!