Not so wholly healthy…

Whole Health has not been feeling so wholly healthy this week… :-(

Feeling under the weather with a lingering cold, and generally run down and lacking mojo at the end of the season, I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself as I mooch about at home drinking lemsips in my slippers.

Like many of you, I am mildly addicted to exercise, and a break from the training regime made me instantly feel sluggish and grumpy. When I’m not training my motivation to eat healthily can also start drifting away-what’s the point??- and I felt the old cravings for crap and comfort food return. I get even more down as I realise how much I miss the company of my coach and training buddies as my usual group training sessions disappear.

All of this made me ponder-What makes us ‘wholly healthy’??

When I set up WholeHealth, I wanted to share my own experience and any knowledge I have gained  from my own experience of living through times of feeling great and periods of feeling really bad. I still want to share what I believe we can do ourselves to lead happier, healthier lives.

Of course we can’t feel great all the time, and we will have days, maybe weeks or even months when we feel off par, under the weather, not ourselves or just plain crap.

What I believe now is that there are a few things in life that will make everyone feel better, no matter now bad your day is, or how down you feel. I believe it can be boiled down to  down to three simple things, which I am so pleased with that I’m proposing it as my NEW WholeHealth motto:

Fresh air, real food, good company*

As athletes, or driven, competitive people, we can get obsessed about hitting training targets, goal weights, gaining recognition and results, as well as approval from other people-our coach, training buddies, or rivals! But really we do what we do because it makes us feel happy and healthy.

Easy to say, and perhaps harder to do when you aren’t feeling great, but if you can find a way to motivate yourself to ensure you get each of these EVERY day, I honestly believe that you will be well on the way to being WHOLLY healthy.

So, back to work!

Let me know what YOU think…

To keep you on track, here is a healthy and mood boosting weekend brekkie as recipe of the week :-)

Stay healthy everyone,


*The new motto was perfectly demonstrated by the amazing weekend we had at Equinox24…who’s joining us next year??

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