Number one ingredient in our WholeHealth recipe is of course RealFood.  WholeHealth’s main concern, interest and (some may say) obsession is food. That’s what we do.

We provide meal plans to help people keep their diet on track, nutritious and meeting their goals.

We cater for events where people want to eat healthy and delicious food together

We read and research new developments in nutrition and how they can benefit our clients

We advise how athletes can eat to support their training

We get kids involved in handling, making and understanding food to develop good habits for life.

We do this now, and we hope to grow the ways in which we do this over the months and years to come

But what do we mean by REAL food? Isn’t all food REAL?

We  hear time and again from clients ‘I know when I’ve been eating crap’ ‘I feel so much better when I’m eating well’ ‘I don’t care what the numbers say I just FEEL better eating properly’

But why? If all food is equal-just fuel for our bodies, JUST an item of energy, does it matter WHAT we eat? Why do we feel better when we eat ‘well’ What is REAL FOOD?

Cat in the kitchen
Cat in the kitchen

 At WholeHealth, what we mean by #RealFood is food that you have prepared yourself, from single ingredients where possible. 

By just reducing-or even eliminating- processed and packaged food from your diet, and replacing it this way you will be cutting back on sugar, salt, additives , empty calories, and increasing the nutrients, fibre, and vitamins your body needs. You will start to reap the health benefits, whether that is fat loss, stabilised energy, or ‘feeling good’ 

We hope that you will start to buy and prepare foods that only have one ingredient listed on the package (or better still, aren’t IN a package)

All calories are NOT created equal, and for various reasons, calories that you get from different foods are processed in different ways by your body, meaning that they can help or hinder you in reaching your goals. Processed foods are mostly in the ‘hinder’ category.

**However, food also IS energy (or calories), so if you are working towards a fat loss goal, controlling the total amount of energy that you put into your body is (of course) important**

 #RealFood is not just about the ingredients though. WholeHealth also believes that eating isn’t JUST about fuelling your body. 

We are social, psychological beings, and the way we eat is rooted in traditions, bound by social expectations, and can be steeped in emotion. Preparing your own meals can be a form of meditation, it can make you more AWARE of what you are putting in your body, and investing the time in cooking and preparing a meal is a way of showing love-to others or to yourself. 

We are more likely to eat mindfully, enjoy and appreciate our food if we have spent time preparing it, rather than just ripping open a packet.

Sitting down to a meal that you have prepared can boost your self-esteem and your interactions with others. That’s why so many of our celebrations are based around eating. When did you last share a meal with someone you care about?

Why not set yourself the challenge of lovingly preparing something to eat, and mindfully sharing it with someone else this week. It doesn’t have to be complicated, none of our recipes are. You can choose one of our recipes if you like. Let us know how it went!

Enjoy your food…!

 Next up; find out why #FreshAir is the second ingredient in our WholeHealth formula.

 Bonus: WholeHealth Shopping List to help you shop the WholeHealth way! 

Have a great week.

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