Banana PB Choc Chip loaf

Sometimes ‘inventing recipes’ is just a case of working out how to get all your favourite ingredients into the same mouthful of food. That’s certainly how this one was born…

So, let’s mix together some banana, peanut butter and chuck in some chocolate. I had a feeling this was going to be a beauty, and it turned out good enough to share*

*the recipe, AND the cake 😉


125g butter

100g honey

100g peanut butter (I use Meridian as it has no added sugar or palm oil)

1 tsp vanilla extract

2 mashed bananas

1 egg

200g Self raising flour

1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

1/2 tsp salt

A big old handful of DARK choc chips OR chopped dark choc. 100-125g is about right.


Melt together the butter, peanut butter, honey, vanilla in a pan over a low heat, and then stir in the mashed banana.

Whisk in the egg with a fork

Sieve or mix the flour, salt  and bicarb. together in a bowl

With a big metal spoon, fold the flour mixture into the melted stuff by gently stirring it in, then stir in the choc chips til they’re evenly distributed.

Bake in a greased and lined loaf tin at 180 degrees. **Check it at 45 mins by poking in a skewer, but it may take an hour-when the skewer comes out clean (with maybe just a little melted chocolate) it’s done!

It needs to cool in the tin for 5-10 mins to stop it falling apart when you turn it out, but then it’s done, and ready to enjoy!

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