Carrot, Almond and Chia Salad

Carrot salad with soup and wedges for lunch at Beetroot Bootcamp


2 carrots, grated- or chopped with a mandolin if you have one…

Handful of flaked almonds

Tbsp chia seeds


Juice of half an orange

2 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp white wine vinegar

1 tsp dijon mustard


Toast the almonds by heating them GENTLY in a dry frying pan over a low heat until they just start to go golden. Keep an eye on them, they will burn quickly if you take your eye off the pan!

Toss the almonds with the grated carrots

Make the dressing: Whisk all the dressing ingredients together til the dressing goes creamy.

Put the carrots in a bowl (or  a lunchbox) When you are ready to eat, rizzle over the  carrot almond mix, then sprinkle the chia seeds over the top. Done!

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