WholeHealth Shopping List

Being organised is key to eating healthily! That’s part of why our meal plans are so popular, we do the thinking and planning for you, and take a job off your hands.

Eating well starts with planning well and then shopping well. If you have a well-stocked fridge and cupboards, you will find it easier to make nutritious foods all week, and not be tempted by quick fix foods that can derail your plans.

With that in mind, here is the WholeHealth shopping list. It’s totally editable, so you can change it, print it write on it, add quantities or brands you like, or mend it to fit your meal plans for the week:

WholeHealth Shopping List

Let me know if I missed anything!



Number one ingredient in our WholeHealth recipe is of course RealFood.  WholeHealth’s main concern, interest and (some may say) obsession is food. That’s what we do.

We provide meal plans to help people keep their diet on track, nutritious and meeting their goals.

We cater for events where people want to eat healthy and delicious food together

We read and research new developments in nutrition and how they can benefit our clients Continue reading

What’s it all about?? An interview with Cat

What makes WholeHealth tick? An interview with WholeHealth founder Cat

LL: Can you give us a little summary of who you are and what you do?

WH: My name is Cat and I am a fitness, triathlon and nutrition coach. I coach young people, and offer nutrition advice including writing bespoke meal plans for people who are working to specific health or weight goals. My clients range from athletes training for competition to people looking to lose weight for an event eg wedding, or just aiming to achieve a more healthy and balanced lifestyle

WholeHealth runs active holidays for families, women and children, providing coached activities (swimming, cycling, running, yoga….) alongside healthy and nutritionally balanced meals to provide a full WholeHealth experience in a stunning location. We also  run our awesome junior triathlon camps in the school holidays. Continue reading

WholeHealth Kit!

 WholeHealth kit available to buy!

This beautiful blue design will look the business on your new lean physique, guys…and it wil help us recognise fellow WholeHealth-ers at events. So get in the BLUE!

WholeHealth #Fuelled by Flapjack tshirt

£15 adults OR £12 Juniors


Cycle kit

If you would like to order a beautiful #BlueKit jersey, click here:

All available in men, women, and children’s sizes:

Road Jersey (short sleeve) £55/ £45 juniors

Also available:

Gilet £55 Roubaix jacket (long sleeve) £75


men's kit sizes Women's kit sizes


Bespoke Meal Planning

Perfect for the athlete who needs nutrition support to complement a training plan to help them best achieve their goals and improve their sporting performance, or for someone looking for intensive support to kick-start long term healthy eating habits. The meal plans are bespoke to YOUR personal goals and can help you lose fat, feel healthier or get stronger through well-planned and balanced nutrition. THIS IS NOT A ‘DIET.’

Support consists of:

  • an Initial Assessment by phone or in person to get to know YOU and your nutrition needs
  • Current lifestyle analysis. A thorough assessment of your goals, eating and exercise habits by questionnaire
  • Food Journaling For one week, you will keep track of what you NORMALLY eat, why and when using a food diary and return this for analysis
  • Nutrition and behaviour Analysis. Using this information, analysis of where you can improve or maintain good habits that will help you to reach your goals
  • Setting Targets Following this, we would schedule a one-to-one meeting of up to one hour to discuss the result of this analysis, set targets for change and make practical suggestion of how you can achieve them
  • A personalised set of ‘tools’to take away to help you to stick to your nutrition goals
  • Meal Planning The initial assessment incleds 4 weeks full meal planning. After this we will have  a follow-up meeting to assess the impact and success of the changes.
  • Bespoke meal planning If required, after this we can provide continued bespoke weekly meal planning tailored to your training and goals. A full meal plan with recipe suggestions and individual guidance sent to you each week, and continually reviewed through feedback
  • Goal Tracking  Weekly assessment of your progress towards your goals, making adjustments where needed to help keep you on track
  • Encouragement and support from Cat-an accessible, understanding and supportive coach committed to working with you to reach your goals, and to believe in your ability to achieve them


Initial Cost £125 for assessment and first four weeks  meal planning and support including review.

After this is completed:

Bespoke meal planning tailored to your training needs £60 per month