DirtyGreen Smoothie

Sometimes I find it really hard to eat after a long run, even though I know I should refuel to recover quickly.
As the days get hotter, rehydration is really important after exercise too, so this is where a smoothie comes into its own.
There is literally no end to the combinations of fruit, veg and milks etc that you can use, but I am sharing this recipe because I made it, loved it, it is full of nutrients and it will make you happy after a long run.

The carb content and the added protein will help your muscles to start recovering right away. Hopefully the nutrients in the ingredients will make you stronger too!

DirtyGreen Smoothie

300ml Almond Milk
1 banana
Large handful baby spinach leaves
Spoonful of nut butter – I used Meridian Peanut Buttter 100% nuts)
1 tbsp Hemp protein – you can use any protein powder or even just add a good dollop of Greek Yoghurt.

Whizz it all up good using any blender. I just put it all in a beaker and use a handblender-quick, easy, minimum washing up. Especially if you drink it straight down from the jug. (I told you I was thirsty) Or serve it in a tall glass, sprinkled with seeds, next to a crocodile.

Enjoy 🙂

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