1. Hi,
    I would like to register to be able to open water swim at Colwick Park. Please can you let me know how I can do this


  2. Hi Justine I wanted to join the open water membership for Livia and Joseph. Please can you let me know how to do this, thanks Louise

  3. Hi. It won’t allow me to get a membership on this website. How do I sign up? Also can you confirm its £20 a year?

  4. Hi there, I’ll be visiting family in Nottingham (staycation!) and I swim in open waters here in London regularly. Is there a possibility to sign up for one day? Seems such a shame not to be able to visit unless you have membership for those of us coming from elsewhere.
    Thank you, Ana

  5. Hi Justine, I’m keen to join the open water swim group. I can’t seem to sign up for the 25 quid membership- can you accept a transfer or card payment / cash?


  6. Hi
    Want to join the ow swimming
    Can you post the swim timetable
    Please Days/ times

    Also have some credits from swimming at sneinton on wednesdays can these be used to pay for swims sessions at ow ?
    What is the cost per swim and do these have you be pre paid online or can you pay on the day of swim ?


    1. Hi Neil,

      The swim times can be found on our Open Water Squad page hère: Open Water Squad
      All swims need to be booked through our app, which you can access once you are a member. I will drop you an email about refunding your swims.
      See you soon!

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