Feedback from a happy client

Nothing makes Whole Health happier than spotting posts like this from satisfied customers 🙂

When I started my ‘lose weight and get fitter’ campaign about 16 months ago I weighed over 106kg and body composition was 36% fat! Initially weight came down quickly and joining the Tri3 clan boosted this some more. However, by August weight and fat loss had stagnated. From August to December my weight was between 85 and 87kg with body fat just over 25%
In an attempt to kick start things again I signed up with Whole Health to get some targeted nutrition advice. I have just completed the initial 6 weeks and my weight is down to 81kg and fat down to 20.6%
In doing this I have to make it clear that at no time have I felt hungry, this is not a ‘diet’ in the conventional sense, she simply matches your food intake to what you need ( and if you’re training for Tri you need a LOT!), and the body sorts itself out!

Very easy to follow, even for a cooking numpty like me! While I have been encouraged to try new foods and recipes, allowance has been made for things that I really don’t like

Cat has helped me enormously, might be worth a think?

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