Motivational Package

Suitable for maintenance after completing a Whole Health bespoke plan, or for those looking for support to reach a goal, without the need for meal planning.

“I am sleeping better, eating better and training stronger”

An initial assessment must be completed before starting this plan.

  • an Initial Assessment by phone in person to get to know your nutrition needs
  • Current lifestyle analysis. An assessment of your goals, eating and exercise habits by questionnaire
  • Food Journaling. For one week, to keep track of what you NORMALLY eat, why and when using a food diary and return this for analysis
  • Nutrition and behaviour Analysis. Using this information, analysis of where you can improve or maintain good habits that will help you to reach your goal
  • Bespoke Advice for you. Based on your goals, habits and requirements, advice on changes you can make to improve your nutrition. This would take place at a one hour one-to-one meeting

After the initial assessment is completed:

  • Weekly food journalling Keep a food diary, and send it to Whole Health for analysis and support
  • Weekly weigh -ins/body composition measurement reporting to track your progress towards your goal
  • Weekly email from Whole Health with personal tailored nutrition advice and motivation
  • Weekly Recipe suggestions  4 recipes each week for you to try based on your specific needs


Initial assessment: £150

Ongoing support: £30 per month

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