SWIM SQUAD 22nd March CSS Testing Session


Critical Swim Speed testing Session with Coach Cat and Coach Wales

Individual lanes, coaching and timing to help you bank your most accurate test, and inform your training to smash your goals this season

Suitable for long-distance swimmers, triathletes and anyone seeking to improve their fitness through swimming

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Knowing your Critical Swim Speed or threshold pace is invaluable if you are learning to pace a long swim, and seeking to develop your swimming pace over distance.

If you have already done our first CSS Testing session, now is the chance to measure your progress. If this will be your first test with us, welcpome! As a swimmer or triathlete, doing regular controlled swim speed tests is invaluable to keeping you on track, adjusting your training interval pace times, and therefore enabling you train smart towards your goals, and reach your swimming potential.

To enable you to best achieve this, we are offering a second CSS testing session on Friday 22nd March 3pm – 4pm at Victoria Leisure Centre, Sneinton Nottingham. In this one-hour, coached session, you will be guaranteed:

  • Support of two expert coaches to advise and support you in the two timed swims
  • A lane to yourself for the entirety of each test-no getting held up or caught by another swimmer
  • Dedicated timer for your swim to provide accurate timings
  • Your individual CSS calclulated for you by our coaches
  • Advice on how to use your results in training to improve your swim
  • Opportunity to retest in 8 weeks to monitor improvements


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