Recovery Pudding

For me, this is comfort food of the highest order…rice pud.

A warm, spicy, sweet creamy rice pudding in the depths of a cold day is a real treat and indulgence. The good news about rice pud is that with its combination of quick acting carbohydrates and muscle repairing protein, it is the perfect recovery food after a long  ride or run. It can be eaten cold, but is perfect to warm you down to your toes after a chilly winter training session.

Cheap, and super easy to make with ingredients that are happy  to hang around in cupboards, it is totally customisable to your taste too. Reduce the amount of sugar, swap the nutmeg for cinnamon, use cardamon and coconut, or serve with some stewed fruit, there are a many ways that you can make this your favourite pudding.

Because it cooks slowly over a long time, it can also be left in the oven while you do your long weekend training session, and be ready when you get back. If you stick a potato to bake in the oven while you are out too, all you have to do is choose your spud topping when you get in, and you are coming back to a delicious and nutritious lunch that will warm you up and give you an even brighter glow than all that fresh air.

Well done, you’re done for the day, enjoy.

Recovery Rice Pud

100g pudding rice

700ml milk

50g sugar

pinch of nutmeg

Mix milk, sugar and rice and pour into a buttered baking dish. Bake at 150C for about 2 hours.


  • Try adding cinnamon and orange zest, and serving with an apple, quickly chopped and stewed in fruit juice
  • Add a few crushed cardamon pods instead of the nutmeg, and replace half the milk with a can of coconut milk
  • Stew a handful of dates in orange juice for a few minutes, and stir into the rice pudding to serve

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