WholeHealth Six-week meal planning and support


Six week healthy eating meal plan. Buy before end of January and take advantage of our offer six weeks for £100 instead of regular price £125!

No fads, no diets, just healthy eating, variety and taste.

Make your resolutions last this year!


Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve the variety of your diet, feel better or fuel you training for an upcoming goal, having some support can help.

No rules, no weighing, no sins. Just a sensible healthy eating plan that ensures you eat a balanced diet across the week. Using WholeHealth recipes and SIMPLE, tasty meals that are quick and easy to make, our healthy eating plans can guide you through the week and keep you on track with your goals.

Links to easy to make recipes from online resources such as the BBC Good Food catalogue take all the thinking out of the week for you, and equip you with a bank of recipes to establish long term healthy eating habits.

Included in the package if you want it is WholeHealth support-a weekly email with tips and advice based on your feedback,  to add motivation and accountability to your plan.

Why not give it a try? What have you got to lose? 😉


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