Sunday Brekkie

In WholeHealth’s opinion, Weekend Brekkies should be a treat, but that doesn’t mean they need to be  a blowout.

WholeHealth-ers soon find that the food they view as treats and crave massively changes when you get used to eating heathily and feeling the benefits that #RealFood brings.

Here is a weekend breakfast that is delicious, makes you feel good and contains none of the foods that many people find troublesome.

It’s made from single fresh ingredients, but it feels like the weekend. Enjoy.


5-6 Chestnut mushrooms, chopped

Handful fresh rocket

Free range organic egg. All the better if you know someone with chickens…

Half an avocado

Handful of cherry tomatoes


Put the tomatoes on a tray in the oven at about 200 degrees and cook until they start to pop and brown a little (about 15-20 mins)

Score an avocado into chunks, but leave in the skin and pop on the tray next to the tomatoes, skin side down.

In the meantime chop and fry the mushrooms in a little butter for about 10 mins, and poach an egg.

Pile the rocket onto a plate, and arrange the warm cooked veg on top. Scoop the avocado chunks out of the flesh, lift the tomatoes off the tray, and tip the mushrooms on. Slide the poached egg onto the side.

For me some cracked black pepper and a good coffee is a must. Add the weekend paper and your weekendbrekkie is complete.

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