Banana PB Choc Chip loaf

Sometimes ‘inventing recipes’ is just a case of working out how to get all your favourite ingredients into the same mouthful of food. That’s certainly how this one was born… So, let’s mix together someContinue reading

Kajsa’s 3 ingredient pancakes

High protein, gluten free and a carb-protein combo that is a great start to the day, these pancakes tick a lot of boxes for WholeHealth-ers. Having tried and failed with this recipe, I was convincedContinue reading

Banana and Marmite on Toast

What do you need before a training session? If you haven’t eaten for a few hours, you need a snack that is not going to upsetย your tum, but that will deliver a quick hit ofContinue reading

Oaty Hot Choc

On cold winter days, although it is the perfect recovery drink, a milkshake might not be what you crave! This oaty hot choc has all the nutrients and benefits of the milkshake, with the addedContinue reading

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