peanut butter

Banana PB Choc Chip loaf

Sometimes ‘inventing recipes’ is just a case of working out how to get all your favourite ingredients into the same mouthful of food. That’s certainly how this one was born… So, let’s mix together someContinue reading

Choc Chia Power balls

These ChocChia Power balls were invented for the Beetroot Bootcamp ladies when I catered their October Day event. They wanted the recipe, and these would also make great bike or run fuel for my cyclistContinue reading

PB Overnight Oats

If you’re heading out on a training ride early in the morning, you might need a high-energy breakfast that’s quick and ready to go. Problem solved; here is WholeHealth’s version of an energy-rich breakfast thatContinue reading

ChocChiaNut Smoothie

Our #WholeHealth athletes are mad for a bit of peanut butter. And after a long ride this delicious and nutritious shake feels like a well-deserved healing luxury. A smoothie is perfect post-ride as it rehydratesContinue reading

Power balls

In response to demand-here is the recipe for the ‘Power Balls’ that we enjoyed making during a very messy session at Junior Tri Camp. Although as the kids found, it’s fun to play around withContinue reading

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