Simon says…

Coffee stop

Find out about our WholeHealth Family Getaway, and how you can join us in 2018 HERE “I would like to thank Cat and the the WholeHealth team for our holiday in France. The WholeHealth Team were extremely hospitable, allowing both Will and I to either participate in activities together as father and son, or individually going… Continue reading Simon says…


#RealFood Number one ingredient in our WholeHealth recipe is of course RealFood.  WholeHealth’s main concern, interest and (some may say) obsession is food. That’s what we do. We provide meal plans to help people keep their diet on track, nutritious and meeting their goals. We cater for events where people want to eat healthy and… Continue reading #RealFood

Chocolate Berry Cups

Chocolate Berry Cups A not-too sweet, but deliciousy indulgent after dinner treat when you want a pud that contains ingredients that are good for you… Hey, dark chocolate and berries are ‘superfoods’ aren’t they?? Anyway this does have no added sugar, is easy to whip up, and full of goodness no matter what your eating… Continue reading Chocolate Berry Cups

Feta crusted fish with roast vine tomatoes

Feta crusted fish with Roasted Vine Tomatoes A super-easy and quick recipe for delicious Friday night fish… Ingredients: Palm sized piece of white fish eg haddock, cod etc 1 slice of bread crumbled into breadcrumbs, or whizzed to bits in a food processor about 50g feta cheese, crumbled A few roasted peppers from a jar… Continue reading Feta crusted fish with roast vine tomatoes

Spicy Chicken Quinoa salad

This tasty and protein-tastic salad went down a storm with the Beetroot Bootcamp ladies when we cooked it for their post-workout lunch. This makes one portion, but if you make double, it keeps really well for a couple of days super-tasty, super healthy packed lunches. It used to be that you’d have to seek out… Continue reading Spicy Chicken Quinoa salad

Fig and Walnut Scones

Walnut Scones

Honestly, people, baking is much easier than everyone would have you believe. I have jumped up and made these scones in between working at the laptop and it took me no time and hardly any skill at all. Delicious baking smells brought the WholeHealth home team scurrying into the kitchen and everyone enjoyed them, even… Continue reading Fig and Walnut Scones

Sunday Brekkie

In WholeHealth’s opinion, Weekend Brekkies should be a treat, but that doesn’t mean they need to be  a blowout. WholeHealth-ers soon find that the food they view as treats and crave massively changes when you get used to eating heathily and feeling the benefits that #RealFood brings. Here is a weekend breakfast that is delicious,… Continue reading Sunday Brekkie

Marvellous Mackerel pate

Smoked mackerel pate snack time

Hi team, I made this snack for Beetroot Bootcamp ladies at the weekend, and they loved it so much that I thought you guys should benefit from this recipe too. Especially as it is loaded with those healthy fats all you triathletes should be eating, and is so super quick and easy to make that you have… Continue reading Marvellous Mackerel pate

Spicy Chicken and Bean Stew

Some of you have had a version of this on your plans already- this is a #WholeHealth special, tested and approved by WholeHealth-ers. It’s so easy guys, a great family recipe, and you can make enough to save for tomorrow’s packed lunch or another tea.