Equinox Flapjack-Off!


The Equinox24 Team #Flapjack-off was quite the heated competition. Needing fuel to get us through 24 hrs of running, and in honour of our team name/love of flapjack, we set the challenge to the team to bake their perfect flapjack. The competition was judged by WholeHealth Betty, an expert beyond her years in matters of… Continue reading Equinox Flapjack-Off!

Carrot Cake Power Balls

Carrot Cake Balls These little raw treats were great for the kids to make at #JuniorTriCamp. We made these for coach and team challenge judge Jimmy Kershaw as carrot cake is his favourite bike treat. These no-bake tasty little nuggets that can go in a bike bag for a long bike ride, or just in… Continue reading Carrot Cake Power Balls

DirtyGreen Smoothie

Sometimes I find it really hard to eat after a long run, even though I know I should refuel to recover quickly. As the days get hotter, rehydration is really important after exercise too, so this is where a smoothie comes into its own. There is literally no end to the combinations of fruit, veg and… Continue reading DirtyGreen Smoothie

ChocChiaNut Smoothie

Our #WholeHealth athletes are mad for a bit of peanut butter. And after a long ride this delicious and nutritious shake feels like a well-deserved healing luxury. A smoothie is perfect post-ride as it rehydrates and contains protein and carbs. Drinking it as soon as you get in can also quell your hunger and prevent… Continue reading ChocChiaNut Smoothie

Oaty Date Crumbles

These oaty date slices are another combination of some of our favourite ingredients. Dates are rich in fibre, nutrients and vitamins, and are deliciously naturally sweet. As a result, this recipe doesn’t need much added sugar. It’s a crumbly sweet  treat, so it can be a bit flaky for taking out and about, but they are… Continue reading Oaty Date Crumbles

Protein Pancakes

Everyone needs their own slightly weird favourite post-training snack. I love this one as it contains some of my favourite nutritious ingredients, and it looks and tastes just like a yummy pancake. Try it yourself for a protein-tastic quick easy snack after training. This recipe makes enough for two people, but you can easily half it.… Continue reading Protein Pancakes

Power balls

In response to demand-here is the recipe for the ‘Power Balls’ that we enjoyed making during a very messy session at Junior Tri Camp. Although as the kids found, it’s fun to play around with the ingredients to make them unique to you! Add dried fruit, seeds, or whatever you fancy to make your own.… Continue reading Power balls


The ultimate fuel and recovery snacks, runners, cyclists and triathletes are mad about flapjack for all the right reasons. With a base of nutritious slow release energy from oats, combined with fats from butter quick access energy from the sugar and fruit, they may not be something you can eat EVERY day, bu to keep… Continue reading #Flapjack

Oaty Hot Choc

On cold winter days, although it is the perfect recovery drink, a milkshake might not be what you crave! This oaty hot choc has all the nutrients and benefits of the milkshake, with the added benefit of thawing out your toes, too! Carbohydrates in the oats replenish your spent glycogen stores, and the milk offers… Continue reading Oaty Hot Choc