WholeHealth into 2020…

We’re delighted to be celebrating a successful 2019 for the WholeHealth Team, and are really grateful to all of you for your support and custom in 2019.

It means a lot to us.

As a result of our successful first season as a members’ club, we are now pleased to announce some exciting new changes to our membership.

NEW for 2020, there will be 2 membership options available; 

  •  A £60 annual affiliation* fee to renew your club membership (payable on the date your current membership expires)
  • OR our NEW monthly all inclusive £60 per month payment that will enable you to access ALL WholeHealth training and social sessions. This includes ALL SwimSquad sessions, Tribe Day events, run and cycle training events, and could represent a big saving for members training more than once per week**

**The only events NOT included are our Getaways and Junior Squad camps. 

*Annual membership will remain the same as in 2019; members will get all the benefits they do now; including our generous 10% off sessions and tech and casual kit as well as our partner discounts at WIRED, and on HUUB products. Training sessions will still be bookable as blocks, too, for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to a monthly payment.

In 2019, a group of wonderful pioneers and visionary early adopters of the WholeHealth lifestyle, joined us to create a heart of people who embraced the concept of WholeHealth, and wanted to be part of a fun, friendly but committed and motivated group of active individuals.

WholeHealth Swim Squad

When we asked what they liked about WholeHealth, the members said that they value the coaching they receive, but also the social events, a variety of training opportunities, and the chance to try new, exciting activities with a supportive group of people. 

“The social side, meeting new people” 

“ being part of a friendly inclusive supportive team, hard work, doing things I never thought I’d do”

Our members survey also helped us to find out what you wanted to see more of.

“Open water swimming training sessions.”

“Broadening the scope of the club to include cross triathlon and SUP triathlon. Perhaps adventure race type challenges.”

2019 WholeHealth Tri members’ survey
The team racing together at East Leake Tri September 2019

Like us, members of WholeHealth are passionate about a healthy way of living, getting involved in events, pushing themselves to achieve more, and supporting each other to have fun while doing it. 

We are an inclusive group, that welcomes people at any level, and values everyone’s contribution to the community that we all create. WholeHealth aims to be different, to stand out and to reflect the individuality, interests, passion and enthusiasm of the members. 

We value the trust that you have put in us as coaches and a business. We also hope to reach other people who will be excited by being part of our WholeHealth community.

The WholeHealth team are working with other coaches and organisations to offer even more awesome training, events and benefits to our members.

We hope you will want to join WholeHealth in 2020!

WholeHealth volunteer at Forest Rec park run

We don’t want to stop, and we hope we can keep making you happy in the year ahead.

‘Don’t stop! It’s an amazing group to be part of. I’m proud of what I and other people have achieved. Wholehealth tri makes me happy.”

If you have any questions about the new membership structure, or any more suggestions, ideas or comments, please do get in touch.

🍎Stay healthy,

Cat & Justine

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