WholeHealth Woodfired Lakeside Sauna

You can find the WholeHealth Wood-Fired Lakeside Saunas situated next to the beautiful Colwick Lake. They offer a peaceful haven located just a few minutes from Nottingham City Centre.

The three wooden saunas are lit 4 days a week during the winter. Join us for a Lakeside Sauna on Wednesday and Friday daytime, and Saturday and Sunday mornings, as well as for special events such as the Full Moon, Equinox and Solstice saunas!

WholeHealth’s Nordic style woodfired saunas, named Sol, Mani and Bjork are located in our Swim Village by the lake.

30 minute sessions are available for our members to book for £10. 45 minute Nordic or Silent sauna sessions (in Bjork) are £15

Dip in the lake to cool off as many times as you like during the session

Buy a WholeHealth Membership to become a member, access our app and book your regular session.

You can also hire our sauna for private parties to celebrate your special event or just get together with friends or family.

Flexible dates and times are available for private sauna hire. Get in touch to book your visit.

Helpful Sauna Guidelines & Etiquette

  • All members using the sauna do so at their own risk. If you have any reservations regarding sauna use, such as medical conditions, underlying health problems, the use of prescription drugs or pregnancy, it is essential that you consult your GP before making a booking.
  • Any hanging jewellery, watches and spectacles should be removed before entering the sauna to prevent burning or damage
  • Make sure you are hydrated before and after using the sauna
  • Wear a towel and swimming kit and ensure that you sit on your towel or bring an extra small towel to sit on.
  • Bring sliders or flip flops, and leave them on the mat outside the door to help keep the sauna clean
  • Enter and exit the sauna quickly to keep the heat inside
  • Keep conversation low and try to be still  – let’s maintain a relaxing environment.
  • Stick to your timeslot so that everyone gets fair use-use the sauna timer
  • Always be mindful about how you are feeling and if you feel slightly unwell then exit the sauna, let a WholeHealth staff member know and find somewhere quiet and warm to sit.

Ideal sauna temperature is between 65°C to 90°C (150°F and 195°F). The WholeHealth sauna has hot rocks surrounding the woodfire – these absorb and give off heat. Please make sure to keep body parts away from these, and all metal parts inside the sauna!

Water can be poured onto the rocks from the bucket using the ladle to create steam.

The 9 Rules of Sauna Safety

1) Don’t Stay in Too Long

15 minutes at a time is generally considered the max, though some more experienced may be able to stay longer. The length of time the body can tolerate will vary from person to person. If you are sensitive to heat, start off with a short stay.

2) Cool Down

There is a long Finnish tradition of going straight from the sauna into the snow and we advise a dip in the lake if you can! A gradual cool down is easier though. For a less extreme way to cool your body down, splash water on your body at the lake. Don’t feel the need to impress-do what feels right for you.

3) Rest

Relax afterward. Let your body recuperate before doing the hot, cold, relaxation circuit again.

Some bodies can’t tolerate doing the sauna more than twice, and the second time may be shorter. Use your judgement.

4) Rehydrate

Drink plenty of water before and after. You may want to eat something salty afterward if you’ve sweat a lot.

5) Consider the Buddy System

Going into the sauna with a friend or family member is more fun, and means you have someone to keep an eye on you.

6) Consider Your Health

The heat of a sauna makes the heart work harder. Reasons to avoid the sauna include heart problems, pregnancy, high or low blood pressure, etc. If you have any concerns, check with your doctor first.

7) Never Drink Alcohol in the Sauna

Also, don’t go in right after a large meal or strenuous exercise.

8) Know that Saunas Can Burn

Too much time in the sauna at a too high temperature can lead to blistering. Jewellery heating up can scald too. Take care!

9) Monitor Your Body

If you start to feel dizzy, nauseous or have a headache, leave immediately. There is no point in taxing the body to extremes – especially not in the name of wellness. Moderation is key.

Saunas can be a great relaxing pleasure, so follow these safe sauna rules, check with your doctor if you have any questions and use common sense to get the most of your experience.

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